Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I’ll Take “Congressional Scams” For $200!

I’ll Take “Congressional Scams” For $200!

Will The Right To Sue Gun Manufacturers Soon Be In Jeopardy?

If there was a version of the popular Jeopardy gameshow focusing specifically on the political and legislative maneuvers of the U.S. radical right, a good subject area might involve games Congress is playing with the gun industry. For example, under the category of "Current Scams," the $200 "answer" might refer to whether gun manufacturers will continue to be subject to legal challenge.

In the next few weeks, a Congressional bill is expected to be introduced preventing victims of gun crimes from suing gun dealers or manufacturers for negligence in the sale or distribution of weapons to perpetrators.

If anyone is keeping score, media handicappers place the number of Senators that are likely to support the bill at:


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